OPERA d’ARTE constantly focuses its attention on new methods for discovering and promoting cultural heritage. Recently there has been a strong increase in interest shown by corporate companies who request our services in organising private corporate events.

Thanks to several years’ experience in this field we are able to plan, organise, and run events that are customised to suit company requirements and where the cultural aspect provides added value.

Our locations: Sforza Castle, Pirelli Tower, Lombardy Tower, Fonderia Napoleonica, Ambrosianeum...




Since it was founded OPERA d’ARTE has collaborated as a partner in organising and running exhibitions and show events in Milan and throughout Lombardy. OPERA d’ARTE provides services that cover all organisational aspects from project planning through to event closure, customised to cater to the specific requirements of the client and the intervention locality. 

The OPERA d’ARTE team deals with:

  • management and coordination of organisational aspects of every kind: curatorship, staging, institutional relations.

  • Communication and advertising management

  • Catalogue production and printing

  • Bookshop, ticket office and booking management

  • Project planning of educational activities, guided tours, workshops, lectures on specific subjects for both schools and the public.

  • Providing qualified personnel for guided tours, teaching activities, booking office and cloakroom.

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